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    Criminal Justice Practitioners and Networking

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    Networking is paramount to finding a job in the criminal justice system. Networking at career fairs, professional association conferences, and volunteering at agencies can help graduates "get their foot in the door" and make connections with future employers.

    - Research networking and networking strategies.
    - Identify three strategies towards developing a network for job searching.

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    1.Join professional organizations, 2. Volunteer, 3. Join or start a job club.

    The ability to develop a successful networking strategy that will ultimately lead to a job offer or job is predicated upon several important factors that must be accounted for by the job applicant. I will outline the top three strategies for networking and developing a career inducing policy that will reap benefits for years to come. The most important strategy if one wants to become a professional network developer is that he or she should first join a professional organization. Joining a professional organization will bring ...

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    This solution provides three strategies for criminal justice professionals to use networking for career advancement.