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    Technology and Criminal Justice

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    How much will the implementation of technology and further capabilities of the Internet affect the traditional criminal justice system in the 21st Century?

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    Here are some things that professionals are predicting will happen and have already started happening.

    Laws may become outdated and computers may control human interaction and penalize them for bad behavior.

    Penalties for crimes from computer programs. Will human creativity be stunted by computer intelligence? Who will know when enough is enough?

    Computer reasoning may be flawed. How good are computer programs? Is there a fail/safe? Controllable artificial intelligence?

    Confidentiality of the public is going to be compromised by technological advancements. Information today is easily accessible to the person who owns a computer or who surfs the Internet.

    Networking systems have to be secured. Personal transactions have to be protected by laws. We do not need to lose the privacy of personal transactions. Technological advancements should not take away our personal ...

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    How technology creates more opportunities for the internet and affect the criminal justice system.