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Empowerment and Recognition

How can one's understanding of empowerment and recognition help to create additional strategies for resolving interpersonal conflict?

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If one has a thorough understanding of empowerment and recognition, he/she can apply the transformative mediation approach in creating additional strategies for resolving interpersonal conflict.

The transformative approach to mediation stresses the concepts of empowerment and recognition. Empowerment refers to goals, options, skills, resources, and decision-making. Empowerment with respect to goals means that a party understands what his or her goals and interests are and that they are important. Empowerment with relation to options means that the parties understand the range of options available to them and realize, regardless of constraints, that there are choices to be made and the control over the choices is theirs' alone. Empowerment with reference to skills involves adding to one's skills in conflict resolution including listening, communication, organizing and analyzing issues, presenting arguments, and brainstorming solutions. Empowerment with respect to resources means gaining new awareness of resources already in one's power, learning how to use one's ...

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