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Employee empowerment

Q3. What are some of the potential pitfalls of using employee empowerment as a motivational device in the workplace? What is your opinion about employee recognition? Can it be overdone? Explain. Can an individual be too motivated, so that his or her performance declines as a result of excessive effort? Explain.

Q4. What are the most significant principles in security job design? What personal characteristics are the most desirable for security personnel? Do you think there might be any positive, significant relationship between the possession of certain personal values and successful career progression in the security management profession? Explain.

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Q3. Some pitfalls of using employee empowerment as a motivational device in the workplace are that departments of companies may develop different policies on company rules. The more that happens the more likely the distribution of authority is undercut. A lack of clarity may develop about who is responsible for what task . As a result employee's job definitions are less useful. Also not all employees want it because they may not want the additional responsibility that goes along with it. While employee recognition can be a good thing it can ...

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Although emeployee empowerment can lead to better morale among employees, there can also be pitfalls to this. The following solution explains these pitfalls. It also discusses the significant principles and personal characteristics in security job design.