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    Building Customer Partnerships Through Employee Empowerment

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    How does employee empowerment help in building partnerships between the company (Lets say Google and Starbucks) and their customers? Can you explain how/why? This will allow me to better understand with regards to an Internet based corporation and that of a product base company.

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    According to contributing editor, Lisa Quest; in a 2011 article written for Forbes. Online, "[employee] empowerment is about sharing degrees of power with lower-level employees to better serve customers" (www.forbes.com). She also stated that... [empowering] "employees has been shown to not only increase customer satisfaction levels, but also improves employee morale" (www.forbes.com).

    In addition, humanizing the work environment is the goal of employee empowerment. This act of humanization creates an environment where by "management and employees work together to enhance productivity" (www.referenceforbusiness.com). Companies that empower employees understand the effect this process can have on the financial health of the organization; which is the bottom line wealth created by customer sales. The benefits of employee empowerment include such things like "higher levels of employee satisfaction, a sense of shared purpose, and greater collaboration. The overall result for the organization is to deliver enhanced value to the customer" (www.referenceforbusiness.com).

    There is a cause-and-effect relationship between company and customers; is impossible to maintain a loyal customer base ...

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