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Developing a Healthcare Action Plan

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I am trying to create a management performance plan. I am using a healthcare organization that provides nursing services to pediatric patients in their home. They company called TLC Homecare also provides therapy services in home like OT PT and Speech therapies.
Can you help me?

Define a management performance plan that links action plans to the following issues:
- Motivation
- Empowerment
- Training
- Coproduction with patients and families

Create and employee hiring/training/retention plan that includes the following information:
- Define an employee hiring/training/retention plan that links action plans to the following issues:
- Motivation
- Empowerment
- Training
- Coproduction with patients and families

Identify how your action plans are linked to the following within your organization:
- Vision statement
- Mission statement
- Service strategy

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The management plan design is a matrix for deciphering how, when, and where reinforcement to supporting employees at periodic phases of time. Management plans can illustrate both online and offline in today's high demand job duties, thus, the designed plan is a central component from human resources to departmental management.

Let's take a look at the main areas regarding management performance plan initiatives:

Define a management performance plan that links action plans to the following issues:


The motivation factor is essential for assuring the employee is inspired to participant with the set management goals for proficient. In doing so, the desired employee behaviors are conducive to the required activity to reaching the preferred outcome. When employees are over worked, the healthcare industry having to many long hours the goal for a motivator is needed to facilities sustainability. Some core elements to include in a management performance plan to link actions focusing on motivation related to the following:

1. Rewards incentives when employees are positively rated by patients or facilities in excelling their job duties, i.e. the employee goes above and beyond, thus the reward ranges from monetary to days off that is all based on a point system)

2. Recognition is a very empowering component that be used in motivating employees that others within the healthcare facility can admire towards improving their performance.


Try and think of empowerment by linking actions in management demonstrating the correct way to manage their patients. By listing the procedural steps to caring for the patients, the management can generate a sense of empowerment for employees to achieve such results of positive feedback, ultimate care improvement, and the statistical confirmation to the patient overall emotional health.


In changing work environment, especially, the home care industry a well trained staff promotes positive incentives to strive for excellence. Management is key in conducting measurable action performance of employees passing certifications that are critical to the ...

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The current healthcare environment requires that your organization operationalize itself into a "High Value Care Organization", or a healthcare organization that delivers the highest quality care and service to it's patients while reducing unnecessary costs. The demands of such change require that all employees be aware of and contribute to the value agenda of the organization's strategic plan.

You, a Lean expert, have been hired to develop the strategic plan for how your organization will become a culture of Continuous Improvement. Your strategic plan will need to demonstrate how Lean will act as a catalyst for optimizing value for the patient. The value specific strategic goals that your plan should be aligned around are:

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high value patient care
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• Your strategic plan can be presented in the form of an Executive Summary using PowerPoint (4-5 bullets each slide). The following elements should be addressed:
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