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    Healthcare Analysis - How to Pay for Care Provided

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    Millions of American children do not have access to basic health care with most being treated at hospital emergency rooms. In addition, there are illegal residents who are also being treated at this same cost. How do we serve the 40 million plus who have no "regular" access to health care?

    Develop a plan of action to solve this problem. How can we pay for this? Cut expenditures, increase taxes Are there any changes we could make to present laws to help with this problem?

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    Access to adequate and timely healthcare is a crucial factor in the successful survival of a progressive society. Due to pressure on the existing healthcare system in the United States, which is partly due to lack of funds, lack of trained professionals and semi-professionals, shortage of equipment, geographical remoteness and the sheer bulk of population pressure, millions of American children are deprived of this basic and fundamental ...

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    The expert determines how to pay for care provided in a healthcare analysis. A plan of action is developed.