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The Health Care Industry

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Can you help me develop an action plan for a Hospital Administrator that deals with the upcoming trends in the healthcare industry. Specifically describe how the organization can meet their future needs and how they will prepare employees for their employment future.

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The solution assists with developing an action plan for a Hospital Administator that deals with the upcoming trends in the healthcare industry.

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Okay, please look this over and see if you find these important. I have outlined some of the trends and the things that need to be done in an action plan. You will need to format it correctly and add to it as you find more information.

The setting and mode of delivery of healthcare is changing and one of the trends of the industry. Online and other technology will allow those in the industry to collaborate better even if they are not in the same hospital, city, or even in the same hemisphere. There are more ways to deliver healthcare in mobile labs as well. Communities are providing mobile units to treat those in rural area or for specialized care ...

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