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    Access to quality care.

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    Discuss the issue of US health care labor shortages, socio-demographics changes (e.g. aging of America), and their impact on access to quality care. - (700-800 words).

    Include also into discussion the phenomenon of supply vs. demand in US health care, resource allocation (human and financial resources), and the associated ethical dilemmas - (700-800 words).

    Please use at least 5-7 references. Use your own words and only refer to the references sources and not just copy and paste from references sources or Internet hide problem

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    Labor Shortage and Quality Care in Health Care Industry

    Health care is a scientific, social and economic issue. The cost of health care is among one of the components of the economy of a country (American Demographics, 2001). Supply and demand are the two main functions, which contribute a lot in the economy of the country. In the health care industry of USA, due to the labor shortage the flow of supply and demand is not appropriate (Schramm, 2003).
    Department of labor in the United States of America has been declared that at the end of year 2010, the growth in the demand of health occupation will increase twice, but the industry is unable to supply the quality services in this ratio (Health Care Labor Shortage at Senior Level Management Positions to be Addressed in a Webinar by PILA, 2007).
    Shortage of workers in the health industry is the main cause behind the low quality of the supply of the services and suffering of the patients in the hospitals.
    Reasons of Labor Shortage in Health Care Industry
    Labor shortage in health care industry has become a serious issue in the USA health care industry. This shortage has affected the supply of quality care services in the negative manner (Schramm, 2003). Behind the labor shortage, one of the main reasons is of the change in the demographic of trends (Local Solutions with National Applications to Address Health Care Industry Labor Shortages, 2009). After the period of baby boomer the birth rate in the America has been continuously declined. According to the project of Census Bureau, there is a more than 12% decline in the people of age group between 35 to 44 years in the generation X and 3% decline in the population vary between the age group of 30 to34 (American Demographics, 2001).
    This decline leads the shortage of labor in the health care industry, which ultimately increases the number of immigrants in the USA (Schramm, 2003). According to the survey conducted by Healthcare Association of New York State in its report that there are more than 80% hospitals that shows a decline in their nursing staff and this affects the quality services of the organization (Robinson, 2008).
    Another study of Healthcare Association concluded that due to the decline in the birth rate there is a shortage of more lab technicians in more than 82% hospitals in New York and 79% hospitals are suffering with the deficiency of pharmacists and physical therapists (Robinson, 2008). It is also difficult to find nursing and imaging technicians in the hospitals.
    Access to Quality Care Due to the Shortage of Labor
    Due to the labor shortage it has become a critical job for the health care employees to serve best quality services to the patients. In order to solve this problem, the organizations in this industry have implemented ...

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    Access to quality care is examined for the United States health care labor shortages, socio-demographic changes, and their impact on access to quality care.