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Cost, Quality & Access Active Military Systems Healthcare.

Can you help me evaluate Medicare, Medicaid, VA, or active military systems of healthcare?

Evaluate and discuss components of cost, quality, or access to care within the context of one of these systems.

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Military Health Care


Currently the Defense Department budgets $51 billion dollar for military health care. This figure is expected to increase to "$65 billion by 2017 and to $90 billion by 2030" (Pincus, 2012) based on the increasing use of active and retired service personnel and their families of the military health care system. This represents nine percent of the Defense Department's base budget, as a result of Congress continual rejection of shifting some of the health care costs to military personnel.

Military health care is cheaper through the TRICARE health care coverage (our nation's health care program for Uniformed Service members, retirees and their families) than private insurance programs. There are several plans that military members may choose, however, the catastrophic cap is the following:

- Active duty family members: $1,000 per family, per fiscal year
- Beneficiaries enrolled in TRICARE Reserve Select: $1,000 per family, per fiscal year
- All others: $3,000 per family, per fiscal year
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