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Healthcare delivery system efforts

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The Healthcare delivery system is affected by barriers as to economic cost and access to healthcare providers.

1. What are the barriers to healthcare delivery system in terms of: a) economic cost, b) accessibility, and c) availability?
2. How do the stakeholders address the barriers to health care delivery system?

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The Healthcare delivery system has grown more and more complex with respect to various specialties and sub-specialties to address patients needs. While this model grants patients more specialized care, it also affects economic cost, accessibility, and availability. For example, the central point of contact is usually the Primary Care manager (Physician, Physician Assistant, or Advanced Nurse Practitioner). For most, uncomplicated patients with low risk of morbidity or morality, the Primary Care Manager (PCM) is able to deliver quality healthcare with great oversight and continuity of care. The problem arises when there is a need for more specialized care as many patients can become lost to follow-up.

Let's consider the competing requirements with a patient scenario. If a patient has chronic lower back pain and struggles with their weight, the PCM will likely treat conservatively unless there are Red Flags such as trauma, neurological changes, or ...

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The evolvement of the health care system to a system for health in efforts to maintain a responsive and actively managed model for patient health and wellness.