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    Healthcare Organization: Horizontal Integration

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    What challenges have healthcare organizations faced in their efforts to create horizontally integrated systems? What "exemplars" exist? That is, which HCOs have enjoyed success in creating "real" integrated delivery systems? What were some major lessons learned?

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    There are several challenges that healthcare organization faced in their efforts to create horizontally integrated systems. The first challenge is that the healthcare centers have not been able to achieve the synergies that have been foreseen before the integration. The second challenge is that horizontally integrated healthcare systems are not able to merge culturally after the integration. This leads to conflicts, tension, and low productivity. The third challenge is that after being horizontally integrated healthcare systems become very large and as such decision making becomes slow and bureaucratic. The fourth challenge is that when healthcare systems get horizontally integrated, there is a perception that the organization is trying to exert monopoly power. This leads to government ...

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