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Answer the following questions and provide citation and reference to support your answer.

1. Of the various organization theories that you studied, which is most appropriate for health systems and why?
2. Under what conditions would vertical integration be an appropriate model, and why?
3. Why might vertical integration be considered a closed system in systems theory?
4. Which systems model is most applicable to horizontal integration and why?

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//As per the directions, we will write about the most appropriate organization theory for health systems and the reasons behind the implementation of the theory to the health system. It will assist in understanding the rationale of the implementation of organization theories in the health care systems.//

The organization theory, which is most appropriate for health systems, is related to the systems theory. It is due to the reason that the systems theory is helpful in analyzing the framework of health system for providing effective health care practices to the needy people. The different parts of the health care system can be inter-related in a significant manner, so that the interaction among the people, system and external environment can be established effectively (Organizational Theory and Design).

Along with this, the implementation of systems theory will also provide assistance in the integration of the human resources, health care resources and financial resources in a proper manner. It also induces innovative approaches related to the interaction and provision of the health care services to the people. The different segments of the health system can be effectively intended towards the attainment of the basic goals, so that the proficiency and productivity of the health systems can be enhanced (Borkowski, 2008).

//Now, we will write about the conditions under which the approach of vertical integration can be ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 870 words with references.

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