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    Economics of healthcare and public financing.

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    1. Economics of Healthcare

    Analyze the economics of healthcare.

    2. Public Financing

    Analyze trends in Medicare and Medicaid. What impact are these trends having on access to care for low income elders and people with disabilities?

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    1)The economics of healthcare is a very interesting topic, due to the fact that there are a myriad of different aspects of healthcare that affect the economic viability and utility of healthcare and healthcare services. A very important component of the economics of healthcare, include the factors that help to determine the level of health that the individuals within a given society have, and the lifestyle that the individuals within a given society practice have a tremendous bearing on the level of health of those individuals, and subsequently their need for healthcare services. In essence, the less that healthy lifestyle activities are practiced, the less likely the individuals within that society will be healthy, and the greater the demand ...