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Universal Coverage and Financial Implications in Healthcare

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What are the financial implications on an organization providing access for everyone?

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This solution explains universal healthcare coverage as a function of the financial implications on an organization.

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1. What are the financial implications on an organization providing access for everyone?

US Healthcare is a Two-tier health care, a form of national health care system that is used in most developed countries. It is a system in which a guaranteed public health care system exists, but where a private system operates in parallel. The private system has the benefit of shorter waiting times and more luxurious treatment, but costs far more than the public one for patients. Thus there are two tiers of health care, one for the public at large and another for those who are wealthy enough to pay for better care. United States spends more per capita than any other developed country in the world and many American are uninsured.

The long term financing challenges US facing healthcare and Medicare are formidable. At the hearing "The House Committee on Energy and ...

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