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Scholarly literature review resources

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1. Can you identify 10-12 scholarly resources for the following topic: How Did the Elimination of Pre-existing Conditions as Criteria for Non-coverage Effect the Public? Provide a rationale for using each resource, including why it is relevant and how it will help in answering this question.
2. How would you write a literature review outline?

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I left one for you to find and you can eliminate or change these if you need.

1. Dietrich, M.O., G. D. Anderson (2012) Wiley Finance: Financial Professional's guide to healthcare reform. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons.
Explains how changes to the healthcare reform affects the financial planner and professional who sells the insurance policies covered by the new reforms.
2. Medicare Program: Changes to the Medicare Advantage and the Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit Programs for Contract Year 2012 and Other Changes. (2011) Federal Register.
Information about how changes affect Medicare programs and their supplemental insurance plans.
3. Frist, B. (2010, Feb 22). How the G.O.P. can fix health care. New York Times
An opinion ...

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This solution provides a list of some scholarly resources and a sentence about what each entails for use in the provided subject area.

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