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1- Write notes on critical review of literature.(Answer this question in one page)

2- What do you understand by referencing and what are its different styles? .(Answer this question in one page)

3- Write short notes on avoiding plagiarism in Quoting, Paraphrasing and Summarizing..(Answer this question in one page)

4- Write short notes on citing electronic resources..(Answer this question in one page).

All I need is 3-4 pages, and do not forget to cite scholarly sources ( references) to support your answer.
answer in ( Word Document).
That's all, Thanks

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The expert writes notes o critical review of literature.

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1- Write notes on critical review of literature.(Answer this question in one page)

It's important for students to assemble outside references for their literature review because these sources enable the student to condense, evaluate, synthesize, and paraphrase for their research papers in their own words. Students can utilize the process of winnowing, which enables the student to place relevance associated with their research in a greater context and elucidate upon what others researchers have already provided on the subject of interest in the past. The literature review is imperative for comparing and contrasting the research paper into a greater historical context of the research while also providing clarity on how the research being conducted by (you) is separate and different than the original research. Therefore, it is important to use literature review to assist the student in rationalizing what is needed for their research.

A student should use literature reviews because they can also provide the opportunity to build rapport with the target audience because the readers will have confidence that the researcher has conducted the necessary ...

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