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Review of Literature

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Please provide a response to the questions below. Support your thoughts with appropriate references.

1. Do you believe that a review of the scholarly literature on emotional intelligence is practicable? Or do you think that students delving into this field will likely find themselves forced to narrow the scope of their inquiry? Why do you answer as you do, and what evidence can you use in support of your view?

2. Why do you think reviews of literature are conducted? Do you consider them worthwhile academic exercises? Why or why not?

3. Suppose that a friend asks you for simple guide to conducting a review of literature in te social sciences or a related field, such as business. He or she says, "I 'm looking for a sort of checklist or ABC of literature review." What sources might you recommend to your friend? Why?

4. What is a review of literature? How do you know?

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Solution Summary

This solution explores the significance of a literature review, as well as other aspects related to the literature review e.g. definition, how to conduct, is it worthwhile, is a scholarly review on emotional intelligence practicable, and others. Supplemented with an extra resource providing the steps to follow in a literature review.

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