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    Affordable Care Act: Pros

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    Does the United States need universal health care? Can universal health care work in our country? Is the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) an appropriate approach to protecting Americans' needs for good health coverage, or should the United States return to the network of insurance options that existed before the Act became law?

    What topic do you choose? What is your thesis statement? What is your position on the topic? Include 2-3 points to support your position. What is at least one opposing viewpoint? Include 2-3 points to refute the opposing position.

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    First, as you briefly validate if the United States needs universal health care, I am an advocate to ensure equity for all Americans, especially our innocent children and impoverished Americans of all ages.

    One article concurs:

    Rashford, M. (2007). A Universal Healthcare System: Is It Right for the United States?. Nursing Forum, 42(1), 3-11.

    The author specifies how an estimated over 45 million Americans are uninsured and "...speak volumes about the problems with our present healthcare system" (3). Again, this issue represents a major equity issues in America to bridge gaps in health care access and coverage. The author insists, "Part-time workers, seasonal workers, and most if not all undocumented workers do not have any insurance coverage (Altman, Reinherdt, & Sheilds, 1998). It is the poor and those at the lower end of the socioeconomic bracket who suffer most from the inability to afford health insurance. As the population ages and more people rely on social security, it has ...

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    500 words of notes and references are briefly included to validate the general benefits of the Affordable Care Act.