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    Increasing Access to Health Care

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    Write about the pros and cons of increasing access to health care. Who do you think healthcare insurance should be provided to? Who should pay for this? Who should health care insurance not be provided to? Are the Affordable Care Act (ACA) approaches the best way to increase access to care? Why or why not?

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    Increasing access to health care has several pros. First it means better health and disease prevention for those who get access. Second, increasing access means better preventive care leading to lower health-care costs, more productive life, and lower mortality rates. Thirdly, increasing access to healthcare leads to developing a community with lower incidence of illness. Fourth, higher access to healthcare means lower pressure on emergency rooms. The emergency rooms will be more available and better used for causalities and medical emergency.

    The cons of providing access to health care are as follows. First, new taxes have to be imposed on taxpayers. Second, increasing health care access ...

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