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    how does the utilization of health services affect health status?

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    How does the utilization of health services affect health status? What are some issues influencing a person's access to health services? Has the historical evolution of health care affected your utilization of health care resources, if so how?

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    Socioeconomic status has long been reported as affecting health care utilization. Income, education and ethnicity all influence a person's utilization behavior. The uneducated person may not recognize the need for medical intervention. The lower income person may not utilize medical services due to cost. Person's of certain ethnicity may not access health care services due to different beliefs. These populations do experience a higher disease and mortality rate than the rest of the population. These people are not accessing health care services including preventive or chronic illness care and have a poor health status compared to the general population.

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    The historical evolution of health care is discussed in terms of one's utilization of health care resources.