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Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Employment Effects

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Suppose that you are an employer with 110 employees and a group health plan. How would the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act affect your company? Is it worth your while to avoid making changes that affect the grandfathering status of your plan?

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The patient protection and affordable care act employment effects are given.

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The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act also known as Health Care Law or Obamacare affects both large and small businesses in various ways. Dependent on how many employees your company has in either full time or part time positions. Please keep in mind that for larger employers (those with over 50 employees) the implementation of the mandate has been delayed until January, 2015. Interestingly although the health care law does not require employers in this category to provide health care to its employees beginning in 2015 penalties are imposed by law on companies that have over 50 employees and do not provide health care to employees that is affordable. The stipulation "affordable" basically means that the employer must pay at a minimum sixty percent of the covered ...

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