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Debate Around the Affordable Health Care Act

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Explain the current health policy debate regarding the Affordable Care Act in the context of values, markets, and morals. In fairness and availability of care, who wins and who loses? Discuss equity, efficiency, and effectiveness. Select a point of view, and argue what should be done.

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The Affordable Care Act supports values and morals. There will be increased coverage: 3.1 million Americans aged 19 through 25 may be added to the plan, patients with pre-existing conditions, and people who cannot afford health insurance will also get health care. The Affordable Care Act seeks to reduce the health care cost. The act seeks to increase the quality and affordability of health insurance. It endeavors to reduce the uninsured rate by increasing public and private insurance.

Step 2
The Affordable Care Act supports the value of health care for all. From the perspective of markets, as preventive care becomes available for a large section of the population, there are apprehensions of shortage of healthcare ...

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