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Affordable Care Act

1) How much will the The Affordable Care Act cost? How will cost be covered? What argument is made that this reform will reduce health care spending?
2) What are the current eligibility requirements for Medicaid in your home state? What will be the impact of The Affordable Care Act on your home stateâ??s Medicaid provisions and costs?
3) How does The Affordable Care Act prevent those who have pre-existing conditions and who are currently uninsured? Do you think this will prevent this population from needing to rely on Medicaid

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The Affordable Care Act reforms ended some insurance abuses. The act was passed in March 2010. This act was put in place to hold insurance companies accountable , lower costs, and guarantee more choices. Many insurance companies had a life time limit so people with chronic illness such as cancer had to limit choices or run out of coverage. Insurance companies can no longer limit coverage. Preventative services are now covered. Consumers have a choice of primary care providers. Young adults can stay on parents plans until the age of ...

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Ramifications are presented of the Affordable Care Act. References are also listed to promote research.