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Affordable Care Act for Medicaid

Discuss the issues central to the expansion of Medicaid created by the Affordable Care Act (ACA). From a state policy perspective, is this a good way to increase access to healthcare at a reasonable cost? Be sure to discuss the success stories you uncover as you complete your research for this question.

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Key Issues by Affordable Care Act (ACA) 2010
High cost of implementation: The implementation of ACA leads to high administrative cost to insurers and employers. It requires fulfillment of a number of administrative functions that will add costs to the business (Jost, 2010).
Problems of Reform: ACA offers changes from time to time and provides reforms in the act that create problems for small business enterprises to expand their medical services (Palmer, 2013). Due to this factor, organizations have to face the problems due to high cost of implementation of new services.
Increased Competition: Expansion of Medicaid by Affordable care act has resulted in to higher competition in the market that has resulted into low rates of premiums and high cost of business in the insurance market (Barnes, 2014).
Problems of Provider's Capacity: The expansion of Medicaid created by Affordable care act also creates the ...

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This response discusses the main issues related to expansion of Medicaid created by the Affordable Care Act. It is analysed from the state policy perspective as well. Success stories are also discussed.