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Major Provisions of the Affordable Care Act

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1. Choose one provision of the Affordable Care Act that is most important and discuss why implementation will make congruent improvements to the current U.S. system.

2. Discuss which provisions you believe will be difficult to achieve or implement because of the inherent challenges in the current U.S. healthcare landscape; please name and describe those challenges.

3.Lastly, what has been left out of these major provisions? Had you been able to meet with congressional members, what would you have lobbied to include in the act?

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1. The provisions found in The Affordable Care Act are many separate improvements that will reform the current healthcare in the United States. One provision is more important than others, this is the provision that requires that large employers or those with 50 or more full-time employees are required to now offer their these employees health coverage that is affordable and ADEQUATE. If these employers don't offer this provision, they face risking huge penalties. This provision gives these companies the incentive to ensure that their employees are ...

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The major provisions of the Affordable Care Act are examined. The major provisions for congressional members are provided.

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