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    Health Care Reform and Finance

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    Research at least two articles about the current health care reform package and answer the following questions.

    How it will be financed?
    The economic effects based on the failure of this plan?

    Include APA citations for your two articles.

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    The Management of Health Care Costs: Independent Medical Review After "ObamaCare". Academic Journal By: Burger, Dustin D. University of Memphis Law Review, Winter2011, Vol. 42 Issue 2, p255-301, 47p Abstract:

    Financing healthcare for the millions of patients that lack healthcare is a major challenge for the Affordable Care Act, and has been a major issue for previous attempts to provide healthcare for the 30 million American citizens who lack health insurance. To address this issue, the Act provides significant provisions within the legislation that focus on reducing the costs of healthcare financing. One of the main provisions that addresses financing is the Act's individual mandate. This mandate seeks to ensure that healthcare financing is affordable by channeling previously uninsured consumers into the market for health insurance. Quintessentially, the mandate requires those who can afford health insurance to pay for their insurance or face a penalty tax, which subsidizes the financing for those who fall below the acceptable poverty line, and will have their insurance guaranteed by the Affordable Care Act.

    By requiring healthy and employed people to buy insurance or pay a ...

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