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    Healthcare Systems: China and Singapore

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    1. What is the difference between Singapore and China in terms of their finance and organization?

    2. What can China learn from Singapore?

    3. What can Singapore learn from China?

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    1.) Much like the United States, China is currently undertaking a major health care reform of its own. China began its current attempt at health care reform in 2009. Under the new system, it aims to provide access to affordable care for all. To do this, China reinstated the government role in health care. To fund this, China nearly doubled their annual spending on health care. "China adopted various interdependent strategies to build the foundation for achieving its goals, starting with a commitment to double annual government spending on health care. The new funding was targeted at provision of public health, infrastructure-building, training for provision of primary health care, and subsidisation of enrolment in insurance programmes, with built-in mechanisms to affect redistribution across regions and target vulnerable populations (eg, elderly people with low income, children, women). The reform package seeks to reduce health expenditure by improving efficiency and quality in two spheres that consume substantial amounts of health resources: the pharmaceutical sector and public hospitals.^1" Currently, three social health insurance programs exist in China. They are the Urban Employee Basic Medical Insurance Program (UEBMI), the New Cooperative Medical Scheme (NCMS), and the Urban Resident Basic Medical Insurance Program (URBMI). As of 2011, 92% of the Chinese population was covered under one of these three plans. Individuals not covered under any of these programs was given a As of 2011, ¥25 per head was given to health care providers to provide a basic health care services ...

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