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    Economic growth in Hong Kong and Singapore

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    This posting researches and explains the factors behind economic growth in Hong Kong and Singapore.

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    International trade in Southeast Asia is pinpointed to several different places. In particular, this region is a source both as a starting or halfway point for everyday goods and services. This area is quite advantageous because it borders the South China Sea, one of the busiest seafaring oceans in the world. The economic impact for any country or city with a port in this region is greatly affected. From as far north as Hong Kong (Xianggang) to as far south of Indonesia, international trading is extremely productive. Due to its significant economic impact, this region embodies Hong Kong and Singapore as its leaders in international trade (The Essential Atlas of the World, 2005).

    According to recent history, Hong Kong and Singapore likely have some of the world's best economies. These cities encompass estimated populations of ...

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    This solution discusses economic growth in Hong Kong and Singapore.