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Affordable Health Care Act

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The Supreme Court recently upheld most of the affordable health care act. Each state will set up a health care exchange for small businesses or use one set up by the federal government. Find and summarize one article that discusses health care exchanges for small businesses.

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This solution provides a thorough discussion regarding the health care exchange for small businesses. A specific article is examined, and the main points are explained. A reference to additional articles that the student can locate is also provided.

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There are many news articles that you could use for your analysis. If you enter the term "health care exchange for small business" in Google, multiple current news articles are listed. You should be able to choose from any of the articles, as they are all relevant to this topic.

Let's discuss one sample article, which is located here: http://www.cthealthchannel.org/CT_Connecticut_affordable_health_insurance_health_insurance_small_business

As explained in the article, small businesses are almost always at a disadvantage in ...

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