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    Martha Nussbaum and Affordable Care Act

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    Can anyone help me with some points that are essential to Martha Nussbaum principle of "physical quality of life" and discuss how the Affordable Care Act either does or does not advance the principles of social justice (in particular the principles that pertain to the just distribution of limited health care resources.)

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    Martha Nussbaum's principle of physical quality of life is described by a set of human capabilities which are essential to good human life. This set of human capabilities contains items such as being able to live to the end of a normal human life, being able to have good health, adequate nutrition, adequate shelter, and opportunities for sexual satisfaction, have choice in reproduction, mobility, avoiding unnecessary pain, have pleasurable experiences, use the senses to think, reason, and have educational opportunities. The list also has items such as being able to have attachments outside ourselves, the conception of good, being able to live for others, being able to live with concern for animals, being able to laugh, play, enjoy recreation, and being able to live one's own life and no one else's. Enjoy the freedom of association and ...

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