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All About Universal Health Care: How Feasible is it?

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1. What kind of universal health care systems are available?

2. Is universal healthcare an economically feasible option for the United States?

3. Will the implementation of a universal health care system affect the level and quality of care we receive?

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This solution discusses the different types of universal health care systems that are available and their implications for the United States.

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1) What kind of universal health care systems are available?

There are two kinds of universal health care systems available: The single-payer and the multi-payer systems.

a. The single-payer health care system, as the name says it, refers to one entity being responsible for the payment of health care costs for everyone. In this type of system, usually, the federal government is that one entity. There, the role of the government is to control the financial aspects of health care delivery, such as receiving payments and paying for expenses. With a single payer health care system, everyone is guaranteed medical coverage, more patient choices, increased access to preventive care, and client-centered care. Also, with this type of system, health care costs would be greatly reduced, as well as administrative costs, due to the removal of the private sector's bureaucratic policies which makes up a large portion of current health care expenses. However, such system also has its disadvantages such as ...

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