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States Mandating Insurance Coverage vs.Federally Funded Care

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Should the states be in the business of mandating insurance coverage? Do these regulations make consumers better off or worse off?

This is an opinion question. In this solution, I felt that the consumers would have a worse time of it if states had their own laws for coverage. This is a big point of contention in the US. Universal healthcare is the wish of the President, but it is such a large and unwieldy thing, we have not yet as a nation figured out the most cost effective way for the end consumer to get high quality care for a low price.

If each state had to go through their own system of insurance, one might find themselves uninsured if they become injured outside their area of coverage. Too much variety, too many state budgets... This opinion outlines the idea of central government vs. state governments paying or creating an insurance business to support the legal mandate.

State mandates sound more like big business than managed care. Private doctors will always exist outside that system, but that care is expensive as well.

This Opinion states that a Centralized Government Solution for Universal Health CARE, for the well and the ill person, would be better than mandating insurance coverage. We have too much insurance in the US as it is! Putting us into further constrictions, insurance is less affordable than ever, especially if you have any chronic health disorder.

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Hello, here is my solution to your problem.
1. How do you feel? do you think that health and illness is a good business opportunity? why? Is it a public health concern that needs government sponsored business?

It is a huge health concern in the US over the rising costs of insurance no matter which one you pick. If you are a well person, there is more choice. If you have an illness, it is almost impossible to get insurance.

2. Use one of the models of insurance as a business: point of service care, HMO, boutique doctors and PPO.
HMOs are good for dispensing medicine, access to nursing, and general check ups. PPOs are better if you would like to ...

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In this solution, we examine and answer the questions a reader might have when reading about mandated Insurance coverage.
We look at states going into the business of insurance. We also discuss the public health concern. Must people buy insurance if it is mandated, or is it given to us. looking at current models of care, we compare what is currently available in the United States as a whole, a macro view, then we think about individual states, what they can control under the law and what they can provide.