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    healthcare information system

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    1) How has the development of integrated healthcare systems created an impetus for installing computer networks?
    2) What challenges may occur when installing computer networks for healthcare organization
    3) What are effective strategies for evaluating, comparing, and identifying the cost effectiveness of various soft ware systems?
    4) Does been an early adopter of software system create a competitive edge? Support your answer with example
    5) What kinds of data is collected and minded by a healthcare organization for use inclusion dashboard, internal and external reports?

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    1) How the development of integrated healthcare systems has created an impetus for installing computer networks?

    The development of integrated healthcare delivery systems is predicated upon the ability to link multiple levels of healthcare management through effortless coordination to allow professional collaboration to occur across an array of different providers. The objective is to ensure that the creation of efficient healthcare networks occurs wherein these networks are interconnected through the use of information technology that enables a continuum of healthcare delivery to patients and populations. To achieve this feat, healthcare organizations have had to successfully install computer networks that are able to leverage the use of healthcare information technology, which is necessary for accessing and sharing patient information throughout the integrated healthcare network.

    Implementing a range of information technology throughout the integrated healthcare delivery network is mandatory as integrated healthcare networks rely upon the use of electronic medical records, data repositories, and other analytic tools that are able to allow different providers across the healthcare network to easily access patient data and provide the most quality care. The seamless connectivity that computer networks provide is why integration occurs as the objective is to connect all the vital parts for optimal patient care within the integrated healthcare delivery network through the use of interoperable healthcare technology that enables access to patient information from anywhere throughout the healthcare delivery network. In an integrated healthcare delivery system, the patient is at the forefront of the system wherein the system is structured to allow the many different providers to effortlessly exchange vital healthcare information for the patient or defined population through the use of connected healthcare ...

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    Healthcare information system's are examined. The challenges which may occur when installing computer networks for healthcare organizations are given.