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    The Importance of Information Systems in Healthcare

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    1- Summary of Information Systems in healthcare, applying learning to real world examples
    2- Effect of Information Systems on healthcare future overall

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    One of the most important types/components of information systems in healthcare, are the computerized systems that allow healthcare organizations to be able to transmit as well as to receive important patient care information, as well as other pertinent information. These computerized systems are very important, due to the fact that the computerized systems allow a variety of different kinds of healthcare organizations to be able to quickly analyze patient information for a great deal of patients instantaneously, which helps healthcare providers to decide what treatment procedures will be best for these individuals, and to be able to gain pertinent information from other healthcare practitioners who have performed similar types of treatments on patients. These healthcare computer systems are absolutely essential in allowing healthcare organizations to communicate instantaneously with one another, which allows for the integration of healthcare organizations nationwide, and even worldwide. Another very important component of information systems in healthcare, are treatment guidelines that have been established through research, as well as through trial and error during actual treatment procedures. This is a component of the information system that allows healthcare practitioners to establish and share treatment guidelines with a diverse level of ...

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