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    Types of Health Care information

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    Identify and understand the various types of health care information structures and why are they important?

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    There are three main types of new health care information structures: Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Point of Care Systems (POC) and Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS). These systems are designed to improve the quality of healthcare services and have proven to be quite effective.

    I will explain each one and give you an idea of its importance, and contribution, to healthcare.

    Electronic medical records have recently emerged. Prior to EMR's, all patient medical records were in paper form (in a chart). Although some believe EMR's are susceptible to hacking and identity theft, it has proven to have many benefits for both the providers and patients. For ...

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    The following posting discusses the various types of health care information structures. The structures discussed include electronic medical records, point of care systems and clinical decision support systems. A reference is included as part of the solution.