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    Data needs

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    Describe the data needs from the following perspectives:
    - Provider
    - Payer
    - Public health
    - Consumer/patient

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    Provider data needs will depend on health care facilities, health care professionals or practitioners, and the organizations that maintain the relevant medical information. The provider data needs include gathering of pertinent information about all the providers that will be integrated in the health care informatics like primary care clinics, speciality clinics, hospitals (emergency, psychiatric, general, or special, etc.), nursing care centers, correctional treatment centers, home health agencies, mobile health care resources, provider types, provider contact, provider specialization (dentist, optician, physician, surgeon, therapist, child specialist, etc.)

    Payer data needs include utilization of care services, insurance coverage types, expenditure by patients and/or their employers, drug prescriptions, patient contact ...

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    This solution describes the data needs from provider, payer, public health, and consumer/patient perspectives.