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    management phases

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    Describe these phases of management: Planning, Decision Making, Organizing, Directing and Controlling. How do these phases contribute or detract from improved quality in healthcare organizations? Suggested 2 to 4 pages - not including title page, abstract, references or appendices.

    Minimum of 2 academic and/or professional references. Hospital websites, internets, magazines or other non-professional or non-academic resources do not qualify as scholarly sources.

    APA format required.

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    Value measurement in health care: a new perspective. Academic Journal (includes abstract) Michelman JE; Rausch PE; Barton TL; hfm (Healthcare Financial Management), 1999 Aug; 53 (8): 48-50, 52-3

    Agency Theory, National Culture and Management Control Systems. Academic Journal By: Ekanayake, Samson. Journal of American Academy of Business, Cambridge. Mar2004, Vol. 4 Issue 1/2, p49-54. 6p

    Hospitals that utilize management control systems must understand how to effectively incorporate and align management information and control systems with the planning and decision-making process to mitigate non-value-adding work activities that detract from the ability to improve the quality of care within the hospital. The research journals analyzed in this summary provide insight on how it is necessary for financial managers and information systems within hospitals to be able to initiate important data and reports throughout the continuum of care for efficient management capable of improving the quality of care. To accomplish this, researchers provided a horizontal information system, which is different from the traditional management approach.

    The horizontal information system can assist healthcare ...

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    The expert describes the phases of management. Planning, decision making, directing and controlling is examined.