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Project management

Normal times are as given in the table shown below.
Activity normal time crash time normal cost crash cost
A 3 1 9000 17000
B 6 3 20000 40000
C 2 1 5000 10000
D 5 3 18000 24000
E 4 3 15000 18500
F 3 1 30000 39000
G 9 4 80000 98000
H 3 2 10000 20000

A project involving the renovation and modernization of a medical diagnostics. There are eight major phases to the project:
A. rip out of old wiring and marking of new wireways
B. design, ordering and receipt of equipment
C. rewiring
D. installation of new equipment
E. testing newly installed equipment
F. calibration of equipment
G. retraining and certification of operators (off-site), and
H. operational testing of system with newly certified operators.

Phases A and B may begin simultaneously, if desired.
Phase D cannot commence prior to completion of phases B and C.
Phase G is not to commence prior to completion of phases B and C.
Phases D, E, and F are sequential events.

a. Draw the network diagram for the project.
b. What are the critical path activities?
c. What is the expected project time?


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