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    Unfolding Timeline of Healthcare in United States

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    There are numerous articles written about the unfolding timeline of healthcare and change in healthcare.What would you add for 2012-13-14? What do you think we should have learned by now? How could healthcare reform be more effective? What is your critical analysis/thought?

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    In respect to the unfolding timeline of healthcare and change in healthcare, for 2012 it would appear that we have gained an increased awareness of the importance of providing healthcare for all Americans, as well as the increasing health benefits that citizens have gained from taking advantage of the affordable health care act in this country. In 2013 I would project that healthcare will start to become available to a greater number of individuals, as the momentum created by the affordable healthcare act increases, and the administration and dispersal of healthcare benefits becomes more efficient and effective. In 2014 I believe that the mortality rate of individuals ...

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