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Quality Management and Implications for Public Health

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This is not the assignment but a tutorial that I can use though out this class. I can refer back to:
What is quality management? What is the evolution of the quality improvement movement, and implications of public health for healthcare organizations to implement national quality initiatives?

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Hi, This is as requested an outline of the basic concepts of quality management.
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Quality management has many definitions according to the focus it pursues (Waddock & Bodwell, 2004).However all definitions "emphasizes continuous process and system improvement to achieve customer satisfaction" (Maguad, 2011, p. 195). It is an integrated improvement process involving all the organization to achieve quality products and services that will fullfill the client's need (Maguad, 2011; Nixon, 2006).

Quality management was received initially with resistance due to misguided beliefs that quality was unimportant and the cost of quality would be high to pursue (Waddock & Bodwell, 2004). More important, it required a shift of mentality from cost production (higher volumen- less cost to produce) where quality was a post-production ...

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The solution involves a brief discussion of what is quality management, its evolution and implications for health care.

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