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    Characteristics in Achieving High-Performance

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    How can teamwork, empowerment, knowledge sharing, and job satisfaction contribute to high performance?

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    High Performance Fundamentals

    Generally, before "high performance" can be achieved there must be a pre-determined existing standard. High-performance is an indicator that an individual or a team has exceeded the expectations of average or "normal performance". Using the components of an organization as the example, employees that have a desire to succeed personally, or as a team, have the desire to perform above average in the "high-performance" arena. The first step is to give the employee or team the minimum objective and goals that are required for success with the company. Second, there must be an established method to measure the performance in order to evaluate and provide feedback. If a person or team have the "desire" to be successful there ...

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    This solution shares with students and business professionals ideas that contributes to high-performance as individuals and teams. The actionable characteristics of teamwork, empowerment, knowledge-sharing, and job satisfaction are factors that influence high-performance in a postive manner. This solution presents the correlation of these factors.