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You are the retiring CEO of a successful business: convince the board to hire a new CEO

You are the retiring CEO of a very successful business. You plan to leave your current position within one year. As a result, you have developed a four page briefing document that will persuade the Board to hire a new CEO who is a high performance manager. Persuade the Board to hire a high performance manager. In other words, you must figure out and explain to the Board why it is so important for the Board to hire someone who possesses the characteristics of a high performance manager.

Your briefing document should contain recommendations based on the most important characteristics of a transformational or high performance manager. Your briefing document should integrate the most critical traits of an authentic leader to demonstrate how these are interrelated. Your document must contain specific examples to support your recommendations.

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In designing the persuasive brief in hiring a more high performance manager, the main element to state should entail past history and current output to aim for a sufficient future outcome. Thus, the CEO position is a vital component to steering the operation in a manner that provides a proficient strategy management plan both during employment and in the future. The initiative is staying focused on the business organization commitment to excel in producing the product or service to satisfying the targeted consumer demographic. Thus, the framework in recommending a high performance manager should outline the core elements of talents that reinforce the business organization primary objective; higher returns equal higher profitability:

- Prior sales increases in the last quarter for the last 4-5 years that ...

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The CEO of a successful business is examined. How to convince the board to hire new CEOs are determined.