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Transactional and Transformational Leadership


You are the retiring CEO of a very successful business. You plan to leave your current position within one year.

In order to prepare the Board to hire a high performance manager, a briefing document for the Board members is needed.

In this document, you will persuade the Board that a high performance manager should be the next CEO of the company.

This briefing document should be a critical and well-crafted, persuasive, informed argument for hiring a high-performance manager.

In this briefing document you are making a claim that a high-performance manager will be the best kind of manager for this business. In order to do this, you must be able to support and defend your reasoning.

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A high performance manager is required for the post of the CEO because the CEO must be excellent in planning (1). He creates annual plans, collaborates with the board, develops and monitors strategies, and develops future leaders. In addition, he must manage. Specifically he develops corporate culture, oversees the operations, and creates the operations of the organization. He also oversees the operation of financial management, marketing management, and human resource management. He also maintains relationships with the community and develops programmatic effectiveness.

To carry out out his duties successfully the CEO must be a high performance manager. The future survival and growth of the company depends on the skills and abilities of the CEO (2). He must be ...

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