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Characteristics of High-Performing Project Management Teams

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What are the four most important characteristics of high-performaning teams for project? Why are each so critical? How are they related to each other? Give at least to examples from each characteristics. Explain how outsources help or hinder the project. Would you use outsources again? Why or why not?

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One of the most important characteristics of a high-performing team for a project is the unity of purpose that the team has. When all of the members of a project team are fully committed to giving 100% in helping the team to achieve its project objectives, then this is a very powerful team indeed. A second very important characteristic of a high-performing team for project, is that the team has a very strong leader that has been selected by the other team members. This leader will have a great deal of knowledge, integrity, good human relations skills, be proactive, and highly disciplined, which would help to foster these qualities into other team members, and solidify the team into a very strong unit. A third very important characteristic of high-performing teams, is that each of the team members has a very good ...