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    Managment Summary (Management Plans)

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    The reading for this unit is a website article on management summary (management plans) in business plans. The article provides a comprehensive overview of management teams.

    Respond to two Questions

    Discussion Topic: High Performance Teams and Career Planning

    Question 1 of 2: High Performance Teams

    In the 21st century, more organizations are moving to the team concept to maximize overall organizational performance through the combined efforts of people. The old adage, â??Two heads are better than oneâ? has proven to be a valid statement, as organizations strive to face the many challenges in the internal and external environments.

    In this discussion question, please find an article in the Management Plan of the Business Plan relating to high performance teams. If possible, try to find an article on high performance teams in the type of business you selected for your business plan. Answer the following questions relating to the article and your own experience with business teams:

    â?¢ Please describe the background for the article you researched and explain why this particular best practice scenario appealed to you. What did you learn from the article that you could apply in your business?

    â?¢ What are some characteristics of high performance teams? What are the strengths and weaknesses of business teams? Please share your experiences as a team member in either a business or non-business environment.

    Question 2 of 2: Career Planning

    When you start a business you need to be able to sell yourself as well as your business ideas and plan. In order to get yourself on the right path to success, complete and answer the following:

    Visit the Management Plan of the Business Plan. Review their resources and then create a year long action plan as to what specific actions you will take that will guide you towards realizing your ideal job.

    Please include the following in your 1 year bulleted action plan:

    Specify the ideal job you want.
    Determine what skills you need to get that job.
    What steps you will take to obtain the additional skills you might need?
    What networking avenues will you use to better understand your field of interest get advice and help you self-market?

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    Answers to questions in the attached document. I have included the a 12 month time line.

    Teams are becoming an increasingly desirable structure in many organizations. Teams
    can be more productive than individual workers and can find solutions that are agreeable to
    many. However, without the right motivation, teams may not be as effective as they can be.
    Peter Grazier (1998) discusses the importance of motivation within teams and the characteristics
    of motivation that can lead to successful work teams. Challenge, camaraderie, purpose,
    responsibility, growth and leadership need to be present, to motivate work teams. A common
    goal or outcome should be shared by all members of the work team. If a common purpose cannot
    be identified, either some members of the team do not belong or the organization may need to
    rethink common goals. Challenge requires identifying a specific goal or measure for team
    members to work toward. Members of the team should develop a sense of trust among each
    each and an ability to effectively communicate. Each member should be given a specific task or
    job and each member should benefit in some way, from the structure. Emotional growth,
    learning new skills or developing certain characteristics are all forms of growth.
    The article by Peter Grazier suggests that the formation of teams requires some thought
    or consideration of the various personalities, skills and abilities of each of the members. It also
    suggests that teams take some time to form and function as expected. The article appeals to me,
    as I have worked in a youth nonprofit organization on many different teams, where the dynamics
    are very different from one team to another. Those teams I have spent more time working on
    seem ...

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