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    Evaluation Time of Data Management

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    Normally, evaluators take so long to complete data management. Resulting from this problem comes the complaint many organization leaders have, the length of time it takes for completion of the data management process to begin to determine next steps. As pointed out, double work must occur due to the change in the data plan by those who don't have the authority to do so.

    How might this situation be managed to ensure you get only the information you want and no more? How can you be sure of what data is needed for your project?

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    One way to managed the mass amount of data and get the information that you want is to design a data managment tools. The data managment tool called DMPTool is a "collaboration of multiple institution that will help you create a ready -to use data management plans. It will describes the data that you will authored and how the data will be managed. It made the data accessible to you throughout the lifetime. Your data managment plan should include the types of data that you will be authored; provisions for archiving and preservation; access policies and provisions; and ...

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    This solution recommends processes that will speed up evaluation of data management, with in-depth explanations how each process benefits and speeds up data management analysis.