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Change Leadership: Bogus Empowerment vs. Genuine Empowerment

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How can you ensure that your plan and approach for Lowe's home improvement won't end up as bogus empowerment (Ciulla, 1996)?

- Compare the features of your plan against the characteristics of bogus empowerment vs. genuine empowerment to show how your plan incorporates the features of genuine empowerment rather than bogus empowerment

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Bogus empowerment versus genuine empowerment is determined. The expert examines change leadership.

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//In this paper, we will discuss about empowerment under change leadership. It will also describe that Lowe's home company implement genuine empowerment rather than bogus empowerment. Thus, it will explain that Lowe's home improvement will not end up as bogus empowerment.//

I can ensure that my plan and approach for Lowe's home empowerment will not end up as bogus empowerment. Lowe's home applies genuine empowerment among its employees. The concerned company implements three keys that a manager utilizes to empower his employees, which are creating autonomy with the help of boundaries, sharing information with everyone and replacing the old hierarchy with self-managed teams (Marturano, & Gosling, 2008).

It is relevant to acknowledge that empowerment signifies to augment of the social, political, spiritual, economic, or gender strength of communities and individuals. In this regard, genuine empowerment comprises disciplines and definitions ranging from philosophy and psychology to the extremely commercialized motivational and self-help industry sciences. The genuine empowerment does not have social discrimination. For instance, discrimination based on race, disability, religion, gender, ethnicity ...

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