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Empowerment, Disempowerment, and Social Change

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1). Discuss the ways in which individuals can be empowered,

2). Discuss the ways in which individuals can bedisempowered

3). Discuss the ways how they can combat personal disempowerment.

4). How does personal empowerment lead to collective empowerment?

5). Describe how social change organizations empower their individual members.

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1) One of the ways by which individuals become empowered is by gaining the respect and followership of other individuals based upon the heroic deeds that they have accomplished. An example of this is when a soldier eliminates a great number of enemy troops and saves the lives of his comrades, which results in this individual gaining the loyalty and followership of his fellow troops. Another way by which individuals can be empowered is if they are placed in a position of authority by an organization, such as when an individual is promoted to a management position within an organization.

2) One of the ways in which individuals can be disempowered, if it these individuals engaged in unethical activities ...