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    B-24 Bomber Production

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    Please provide some insights on the following questions:

    1. How might one envision or compare inspiration, empowerment, initiative, and communication between leaders and followers in the mid-1940s vs. now?

    2. What might be any conceivably different impacts, considerations, or challenges leaders then faced in the mid-1940s vs. our current time regarding innovation, change, and teaming?

    3. What leadership dynamics might be considered in the mid-1940s that apply or do not apply to now (e.g., morale, sense of achievement, "political correctness," pride in work, etc.)?

    NOTE: About 1 short paragraph each.

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    Step 1
    Inspiration in mid 1940 was courageous, brave and wise. Today inspiration means having a vision, encouraging innovation, and communicating the vision. Empowerment in 1940 between leaders and followers was being generous, giving helpful tips/information, and commanding. Empowerment today between leaders and followers means delegating authority, being supporting, and encouraging followers. Communication between leaders and followers in mid 1940s was making speeches which were arousing, inspiring, and informative. Now communication between leaders and followers understands the followers, being open minded in communication, being sensitive, and using electronic communication to reach out to followers.

    Step 2
    Challenges leaders faced relating to innovation in the mid-1940s were communicating the innovation to production, ensuring that the innovation was produced in a manner that was commercially productive, and informing ...

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